It has arrived:

Somewhere in my parents basement there are Tupperware containers brimming with magazines. There are volumes of magazines that line the shelves in my room. The fact of the matter is I love magazines. So it was only a matter of time that I fashioned a magazine of my own.

It started as a blog to satisfy my need to share my found treasures of music, photos, clothing, and many more slices of love and inspiration. It also dawned on me that I am surrounded by many incredibly inspirational and talented friends. There are times where we all experience greatness, see beauty, taste divinity and are touched by the world around us. Or maybe we create something that we are proud of. We are filled with excitement and feel compelled to share with others, but lack the means to do so. We Like We Love was created to fill that void.

It has been many moons since I sent out my first call for submissions and I was overwhelmed by the response to say the least. I would like to thank everyone who shared his or her work with us. I hope you will continue to do so and please invite others to do so as well. Thanks to all who have helped and encouraged me throughout the process.

So after years of dreaming, months of planning, days of designing, hours of procrastinating (sometimes you just have to), and minutes of pacing, I present to you – with nervous excitement – the premier issue of We Like We Love magazine.